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Best Watches for Police Officers and Law Enforcement

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Law Enforcement. Whether you’re looking at police work, the NAVY Seals, other military personnel, or plain security cops, there should be a watch that fits you and your profession. I mean, if the Milgauss was made for scientists, why can’t you have something for your jobs that’s infinitely more dangerous?!

Well, luckily for you, we’ve garnered an extensive list of the best watches for Law Enforcement, each with its own unique attributes and characteristics. That said, we’ll split the different ‘groups’ into five general ones, namely Military, Police Department, Fire Search and Rescue, General Security, and professional Bodyguards. Let’s get it. 

One more thing! I’m going to take a duality approach to this. I’ll name two of the best watches for each segment: one that’s logical and one that’s romantic.


Best Watches for Military

The military might be one of the most important parts of any country, especially as resources are dwindling and political tensions rise. We’ve all just witnessed the horror that Russia dealt upon Ukraine, and I don’t know if you saw it, but most of the soldiers had a watch. Some companies even create watches specifically for these individuals, so what are the ideal watches for the Military? 

Best for the Army: Garmin tactix® Delta 

Garmin has been making some of the most robust watches for a handful of years now, and when you’re going for that professional look or the ideal watch for when the going gets tough, but you need decent coms, Garmin has you covered.

Garmin tactix® Delta- Best watches for Law Enforcement
Garmin tactix® Delta – Source

The Delta is no different, coming in shy of $1,000, and offers the wearer a body built and designed by military standards (MIL-STD-810). You get insane GPS abilities, and what’s more, you get plenty of tactical features like night vision readability, performance metrics readouts, a large and legible dial, a PVD-coated case, stealth mode, a ‘kill switch’ that wipes all memory in 10 seconds, ABC sensors, and way more. Like seriously, there’s so much I don’t want to bore you with a list that’s four paragraphs long – Google this thing.

This is a popular choice among those in the army and those who want to live a similar lifestyle. That said, it’s still a smartwatch, so you can golf with it, text, call, or look like a badass while driving your truck back home. 

Best for the Army 2.0: Hamilton Khaki Field Mechanical

The romantic option I have here shouldn’t come as a surprise. Those in the know know that Hamilton is a byword for quality, especially when you’re looking for military-inspired timepieces. This Khaki Field Mechanical is an affordable watch at around $500 and features the H50 hand-winding mechanical movement within, sporting an 80-hour power reserve, and it shows you the time – that’s it.

Hamilton Khaki Field Mechanical
Hamilton Khaki Field Mechanical – Source

It’s moot when compared to the Garmin; however, this is a romantic idea, remember. The dial features both the 1 through 12 display as well as a 24-hour display, which will warm the heart of anyone living the military lifestyle.

Large numerals are matched with large hands, and a grain-finished case matched with a leather strap creates a rustic look that suits a person who comes from the army. You cannot do any better than this – at this price point, at least. 

Best for the AirForce: Suunto Core Tactical Watch

Suunto might not be the most famous brand, but they do have a rich history of working with the military. The Suunto Core Tactical is also perfectly designed with the AirForce in mind, offering the wearer a barometer, compass, built-in altimeter, storm alarm, depth meter, and a sunrise/sunset alert all jam-packed into a 49mm composite casing.

Suunto Core Tactical Watch
Suunto Core Tactical Watch – Source

What’s more, you only get 30m of water resistance, which is fitting since you’re in the sky, after all. The digital compass will always come in handy if your jet ever gives you issues, and the built-in shock resistance should keep your mechanics safe as well. Suunto also has a few other offerings worth looking at. 

Best for the AirForce 2.0: Breitling Navitimer 

Was this even a competition? Well, actually, yes, it was. It was between the Navitimer and a Big Pilot, but I think the Navitimer is more of a pilot purist watch for someone who would actually use such a thing. The Navitimer has been around since the 1950s and was widely regarded as the ultimate wrist-worn instrument for pilots, and it really was.

Breitling Navitimer
Breitling Navitimer – Source

Looking at a Navtimer is somewhat otherworldly, with so many numbers, figures, and lines all doing their own individual little jobs. And that’s the beautiful thing: if you actually know how to use a slide rule, then the Navitimer gains way more daily use as something to remind you of your time in the sky. Plus, with the newest option sporting a 41mm symmetrical layout, there really isn’t much you could ask more of. Hell, there are even a few with diamonds… 

Best Watches for the Police Department 

From deployment to Detroit, police officers are some of the toughest people in the toughest jobs. It’s a good thing some watches were specifically designed to endure these harsh environments, and when your life is on the line, they better hold up… 

Best for the Police Officer: Casio G-Shock DW9052

There was going to be a G-Shock on this list, no matter how you cut the pie. G-Shock is perhaps one of the most famous watches that has a rugged look but backs this look up with the ability to withstand… anything, really. This particular model is actually a standard issue at the Naval Diving and Salvage Training Center in Panama City Beach.

Casio G-Shock DW9052
Casio G-Shock DW9052 – Source

Sure, the size is quite large at 48.5mm and it certainly isn’t the best-looking watch, but when you consider that most folks will lose or hurt these watches quite often and they cost $50 a piece, it’s a no-brainer. Quartz movement within, resin case, classic design, and a durability rating similar to that of the old Crown Vic. What’s not to love? 

Best for the Police Officer 2.0: Seiko “Arnie” SNJ025

The reason for this is simple – bodybuilding. Perhaps two of the most famous bodybuilders are Arnold and Ronnie – the former was famous for wearing the original ‘Arnie’ Seiko as he acted in the action-packed movie Predator, and Ronnie was famous for being perhaps the largest police officer in history.

Seiko "Arnie" SNJ025
Seiko “Arnie” SNJ025 – Source

It may be a bit of a stretch, but I would smile like a child if I saw a police officer wearing a modern (or even a vintage) Seiko ‘Arnie’. The SNJ025 combines everything you might need from a utilitarian watch: a digital display combined with regular hands, a robust, water-resistant case, and a look like no other. The combination of a steel and rubber case is a bit much for some. However, I think it’s the perfect choice for a police officer who needs a durable watch that looks the business. 

Best for the Police Detective: Apple Watch

There is no getting around the fact that smartwatches do offer massive versatility to the masses, and watch brands have gone well above and beyond to make some of the most amazing pieces of technology to slap on your wrist and call it a day. As a detective, you might not need the durability that an officer needs, but you still need a good watch that offers advanced features.

Seiko "Arnie" SNJ025
Apple Watch – Source

For that reason, I have to go for the Apple Watch. It is a great watch, regardless of whether you are a purist or not, and offers exceptional usability for detectives on the job. You get comms, an internet connection, daily alarms, and a sleek design. Paired with a light leather strap and you have a perfect watch for those going into extreme conditions to figure out what happened and what didn’t. 

Best for the Police Detective 2.0: Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso 270.3.63

The JLC Reverso is perhaps not the first watch you think of when you think of police enforcement; however, when you consider the idea that detectives are somewhat sneaky and that they can’t exactly be rocking a G-Shock Rangeman, the Reverso becomes a romantic idea you cannot ignore.

Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso 270.3.63
Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso 270.3.63 – Source

Made famous for the fact that you can swivel the case around to reveal another face, this particular model boasts of the addition of several features and complications. A white gold case (nice) matched with a black dial with a day/night indicator at 1 o’clock, a moon phase indicator with seconds sub-dial at 6 o’clock, and a power reserve indicator at 11 o’clock.

The reverse displays the beautifully finished JLC movement, the calibre 823, and overall, this watch is a sleek, gorgeous, yet functional timepiece you might actually use while going about your business. Plus, you don’t even have to take it off for daily use – it’s a classic. Plus, it’s a massive conversation starter something that is very handy for a detective. 

Best Watches for Fire Search and Rescue

These folks go into some of the most horrendous environments known to mankind. First responders are not only some of the toughest among us, but they are also going to need something that’s smart, functional, and that doesn’t get in the way of business. With smoke, fire, and falling debris all around you, you won’t have the time (or patience) to deal with a 45mm mammoth on your wrist. So, what do you buy? 

Best for the Fire Search and Rescue: Casio G-Shock DW-H5600MB-1

This barely makes the size requirements, coming in at 44.5mm, and boy, does Casio pack a lot into a small package for a quality watch that’s simply unbeatable. You have a bio-resin design that packs the following features (only a few listed); an activity logger, heart rate monitor, blood oxygen tracker, a world timer, sleep analysis data collector, and much more.

Casio G-Shock DW-H5600MB-1
Casio G-Shock DW-H5600MB-1 – Source

Being a G-Shock, you’ll be able to withstand just about anything life throws at you, and it isn’t as cumbersome as a few of the other models in the lineup. Plus, if you’re in the line of duty, chances are you might be able to replace these rather easy because of the lower price point. 

Best for the Fire Search and Rescue 2.0: Ball Fireman Enterprise NM2098C-S20J-BK

Ball has a rich history of making some of the most respected tool-watches money can buy, and while I really wanted to put the Marathon GSAR here, I wanted to give Ball some limelight. The Fireman is rather unique due to the use of micro gas tubes for luminescence, but despite this utilitarian touch, has exceptional finishing.

Ball Fireman Enterprise NM2098C-S20J-BK
Ball Fireman Enterprise NM2098C-S20J-BK – Source

A 100m water resistance rating courtesy of a stainless steel case matched with a lovely three-link bracelet and a no-nonsense dial that’s a cathartic escape from the chaos that is your normal job. However, you can rest easy knowing what’s on your wrist is still pretty strong, seeing as the BALL RR1103 movement within can withstand 5,000Gs. 

Best Watches for General Security

I think many forget about the general security in our lives. Mall cops, neighbourhood watch, etc, and I wanted to show them some love as well. These lovely people might not be engaging with the environments the military will.

However, they still need the type of watch that is robust, utilitarian, and can withstand some tough environments. From personal experience as a general security member, the going does get tough from time to time… 

Best for General Security: Tissot T-Touch 

The T-Touch is a rather unique smartwatch, seeing as it has some utilitarian features but certainly not in the same realm as something from G-Shock, making it the perfect fit for someone in the general security segment.

A quartz movement is housed in a (large) 47.5mm case made from lightweight titanium. Functionality includes GPS functionality, Perpetual Calendar, Chronograph, Alarm, Month, Date, Day, GMT, Second Time Zone, Hour, Minute, Second, Bluetooth, Thermometer, Altitude Indicator, Barometer, and way more.

Tissot T-Touch Titanium
Tissot T-Touch Titanium – Source

The T-Touch is slightly more expensive than some of the other offerings on the list, but hopefully, you don’t end up losing this one as often as your peers would lose theirs. What’s more, with several different models to choose from, you can go for a more classic look, or you can go for the dark and brooding look, whichever suits your fancy. 

Best for General Security 2.0: Seiko 5 GMT SSK001

The newly released Seiko 5 has the brilliant addition of a GMT function, and if you ask me, for sub $600 you cannot do any better. A GMT isn’t one of the necessary features for security personnel. However, it is a nice addition to a sexy diver with a rather robust nature and water resistance rating to match.

Seiko 5 GMT SSK001
Seiko 5 GMT SSK001 – Source

You get several different colour combinations to choose from, and with the Jubilee bracelet, this becomes a compelling watch for the money. As with any Seiko, you can rest assured that your money will be well spent on quality, and the new watch will last for way longer than you anticipated. 

Best Watches for Professional Bodyguards

The professional bodyguard is a step up from general security, being exposed to slightly tougher environments, harder work, and perhaps even life-threatening situations as well. These folks might need something a little bit more sleek since they might need to wear a suit at all times, but should still retain any and all durability needed to get the job done. 

Best for Professional Bodyguards: Tudor Black Bay Pro

For a lucky few, a Tudor can be seen as a beater watch. I’m going to go out on a limb and hope that if you’re in charge of guarding someone worth millions of dollars that your pay will allow you to purchase a nice Tudor to help you on the job.

Tudor Black Bay Pro
Tudor Black Bay Pro – Source

The Black Bay Pro doesn’t just hold the rough and tumble standard needed for law enforcement professionals but will also grant the wearer a GMT functionality as well. This offers a duality we’ve seen with other watches on the list.

However, nothing looks quite as good as this Tudor while helping you keep your boss safe. Plus, you can actually wear this off the job, and it’ll look good too. Stainless steel case, COSC-certified movement within, and a snug 39mm case – there really isn’t anything more you could ask for around $4,000. 

Best for Professional Bodyguards 2.0: Omega Seamaster 300m 007 Edition 

Sure, Mr. Bond isn’t exactly a bodyguard, and you might not need a diver as a bodyguard, but this is a damn fine watch to wear while you’re off duty. This particular example is offered in lightweight titanium and matched with a mesh bracelet, creating a look like no other.

Omega Seamaster 300m 007 Edition - Source
Omega Seamaster 300m 007 Edition – Source

Lightweight is something synonymous with this watch, and with the co‑Axial Master Chronometer Calibre 8806 movement within it retains the utility you might need when off the job. This is a seamless blend of style, practicality, uniqueness, and just great quality. For some, Omega has lost their way. For me, I reward them trying something new and breaking away from what others see as the box – well done Omega. 

(BONUS!) Best Watches for Baddies

I had to do this! All this time I spent writing about the best watches for the good guys, and my mind kept going to Deadpool and whatever pink and purple watch he was wearing in the first film. Baddies unite and see what are the best watches for you to do your worst in. I’ll skip over the ‘non-romantic’ parts here, seeing as you probably have thugs to do your dirty work anyway… 

Best for Baddies: Rolex Day-Date 228238

It’s big. It’s bold. It’s gold. It’s a goddamn Rolex Day-Date with a champagne dial. It’s literally the perfect gangster watch, as denoted by Tony Soprano and numerous other gangsters in history. There is just something about a full gold Day-Date with a champagne dial that screams “I’m not here to mess around”, and I like that. You could also go for a black dial option if you’d like, and none of your thugs would bat an eye – probably cause you’d off them if they did, but we’ll never know. 

Rolex Day-Date 228238
Rolex Day-Date 228238 – Source

Best for Baddies 2.0: Richard Mille RM 88 

I opened the Richard Mille site, saw this watch, and immediately started laughing because I can imagine a bad guy in a film having this super evil plan to conquer the planet, and their watch has a literal smiley face on it. Many often regard Richard Mille as more of an engineer rather than a watchmaker, and this suits the idea many baddies have of themselves, being the good guy rather than the bad guy.

Richard Mille RM 88 
Richard Mille RM 88 – Source

The RM 88 is the most silly watch a bad guy could wear, and yet it would totally work. I can imagine Samual L. Jackson wearing this as he personified his role in the first Kingsman movie or the next Bond villain wearing this while having an idea that somehow makes sense. This is the kind of watch that makes a bad guy likeable, and if you think back, all great spy movies have likeable villains. 


We’ve covered just about every segment of law enforcement we could with this list and gave each of you two offerings to choose from. Sure, you probably will go for the utilitarian option, and you might not even consider the romantic option. However, if you want to get into the world of watches and start your journey as a collector, give it some thought.

The world of watches is so deep I could give ten options for each, and keep going! Just know that there is certainly an option for you, and if you can afford it, do us all a favour and buy the romantic option. You’ll make at least one person smile; other than keeping people safe, making people smile is probably the most important thing you do. That said, thanks for your service, your sacrifice, and everything else you do. 

Unless you’re a baddie, in which case, start saving for your Richard Mille.


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