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8 of the Best Pepsi Dive Watches for you

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Pepsi dive watches have been trending over the past few years. The logic behind the term “Pepsi” here comes from the mix of red and blue, which is similar to the style and colour pattern of the popular soft drink.  

It is no wonder why people love them – the mix of blue and red gives a specific charm and appeal to a watch of this kind, making it look urban, youthful and modern. It all started in 1955, when Rolex debuted this style with the Pepsi-bezel Rolex GMT Master model, setting the bar high but also inspiring many watchmakers to escape the ordinary and start playing around with colours.

Today we’ll be looking at 8 pepsi divers, for a range of budgets:

Why are Pepsi dive watches so popular?

There are plenty of theories behind the popularity of the Pepsi dive watches. Some say that the blue and red makes for a great combination of colours, and others familiarise these colours to the Pepsi drink, which makes the design even more inviting for them. Logically, Pepsi dive watches are popular because of the following:

  • US national flag: Many collectors would agree that Pepsi dive watches are a trend because of their colours being very close to the ones we can see in the national American flag. Some even argue that the launch of the Rolex GMT Master in 1955 with these colours was an initiative that would bring the brand closer to this market.
  • Mix and match: Blue and red are colours that are typically worn by men all around the world. We all have a pair of shoes or a tee that is blue or features red accents. Having a timepiece that matches these colours is just another way to add more style to your look and be proud with your newest wrist piece.
  • Unique style: We don’t see many red/blue colours and accents in jewelry, let alone men’s jewelry, which makes Pepsi dive watches quite unique and iconic.

In 2018, Rolex reintroduced the stainless steel Pepsi GMT Master II, making a buzz again and motivating watchmakers to refresh their collections and introduce this blue-red combination in their newest designs. Since then, plenty of great models emerged – you can see some of the best Pepsi dive watches in the list below.

8 Pepsi dive watches to check out in 2021

seiko skx009k2

Seiko has made an entry in the Pepsi dive watch style with the SKX009 model, which is often known as the most affordable Pepsi bezel watch you can buy. This mechanical piece has automatic winding and a design that is very similar to Seiko’s SKX007. However, this design is obviously with the Pepsi bezel, which is why it holds the “Pepsi diver” name.

The SKX009 “Pepsi diver” by Seiko features a 42.8 stainless steel surface that comes with an interesting stainless steel bracelet. You can see a day/date window located at 3 o’clock, and the model illuminates in the dark with its hands and indexes. It is also water resistant (up to 200m). If you are not a big fan of metal, you can go for the rubber band option (known as the SKX009K model). The closure of the watch is made with a three-fold clasp.

Orient Mako II

The design of the Orient Mako is actually very similar to the Seiko SKX009 model. We can see the same two-tone layout with 75% red and 25% blue in the main ring. However, this is a 41.5mm watch that has a deep blue sunburst dial with applied markers, which makes it a bit smaller than Seiko’s model.

An interesting thing to point out is that ever since it got introduced in the mid-2000s, this has been one of the top selling series for the Japanese brand Orient. You can see plenty of comments labeling this as one of “the best affordable Pepsi dive mechanical watches on the market.”

To live up to this popularity, Orient issued a facelift of the model – known as the Orient Mako II, which has multiple updates, including a reinforced aluminum-insert 120-clicks bezel (previous model had 60 clicks), water resistance up to 200m and a screw-down crown.

Q Timex Reissue

If you are in the market for a solid 38mm quartz watch and appreciate the Pepsi dive style, you should definitely put this 38mm model by Timex on your list. Initially launched in 1979 and lastly facelifted in 2019, the latest Pepsi Timex model has plenty of details such as a woven stainless steel bracelet, luminous paint, and rotating blue top ring. On the inside and back, we can see a Quartz movement, space for battery and water resistance that goes up to 50m. You can track a second time zone through the watch’s bidirectional rotating bezel on a 12-hour scale.

You can actually choose between two dial styles when shopping for the Timex Pepsi dive watch – blue or white. Either one you choose, the model looks great. Timex is also proud of it, considering the fact that it issued it in many other colour combinations (blue and orange, green and black, etc.)

Tudor Black Bay GMT

Tudor is a child brand of Rolex, and one of the brands that would logically mimic the Pepsi dive style. The Tudor Black Bay GMT does that in style – with a timepiece that features 200m of water resistance, a 41mm case, an oyster bracelet and domed crystal for added pressure resistance. 

Besides the design which is very much Rolex-like, one of the most fascinating things is the mechanism and the MT56652 automatic movement which is of great quality and holds a certificate from the Official Swiss Chronometer Testing Institute (COSC).

Citizen Promaster Aqualand

Watch aficionados who want a brand new Pepsi dive piece that is quite bigger than the competition will appreciate Citizen’s Promaster Aqualand model. This 46mm timepiece is quite aesthetic – you can see great use of colours in the head of the watch, along with minimalistic style all around. The blue wristband makes it look sportier and more casual.

Feature-wise, it boasts 200m water resistance, maximum depth memory, auto start dive mode, and rapid ascent alarm. The brand is known for its Eco-Drive technology which won many awards as one of the most sustainable light sources that does not need an additional battery, and this watch is proudly showcasing it.

Invicta Pro Diver Automatic

Invicta’s Pro Diver Automatic is a great Pepsi dive watch which comes in great packaging. The model has a NH35A Seiko movement, which makes it one of the most attractive diving watches out there. It also holds a power reserve of up to 41 hours and can be hand-winded. The model is also among the most sought-after from the brand, which is why many decide to buy it – no matter which design they are going for.

Despite the fact that most Invicta watches are in the 44m to 48mm size span, the Pro Diver’s case measures 40mm, and its thickness is 12.5mm to 14mm. There is a unidirectional bezel with a mineral crystal, and a water resistance up to 200m. You can also see that the hands and indices are luminous, and there is a small date window. 

Tag Heuer Aquaracer GMT

If there is one brand that has been making Pepsi dive watches for decades, it is the famous TAG Heuer. The Pepsi bezel designs of this watchmaker have always been great – a good example for that is the TAG Heuer Autavia GMT Chronograph (launched in the late 1960s). 

Nowadays, we can see modern versions of every model, including the Pepsi bezel one. The GMT version of the regular Aquaracer dive watch keeps the 300m water resistance which is the highest in this list, along with GMT movement that comes with an independently adjustable fourth hand. There is an Opalin black dial with polished red and blue aluminum bezels.

All in all, this is a very versatile 42mm watch that has a self winding automatic movement. It is also quite more expensive than the other Pepsi dive watches, but once again Swiss made and with a brushed and polished stainless steel bracelet and case. 

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Last but not the least is an exceptional model by Omega named Seamaster Planet Ocean which comes with a 43.5mm case. This is actually a limited edition issued during the 2018 Olympic Games in South Korea, for which it has the words “Pyeongchang 2018” and the Olympic Games logo embedded on the caseback’s sapphire crystal.

This timepiece features a polished blue ceramic dial and unidirectional bezel which blend with red rubber for the first 15 minutes. The deep blue dial reinforces this design with  a metallic lift, especially when you notice the rhodium-plated indexes and minute scale in the famous OMEGA Liquidmetal technology.


Pepsi dive watches are unique and cool. They are a symbol of energy and an accessory that is easy to notice from far away. Anyone can wear a Pepsi bezel watch, regardless of their style or age. One of the best things about sporting a watch of this kind is the fact that it is unique and goes well with almost any casual look or combination. 

We hope our eight picks gave you a better idea on the overall design of the popular Pepsi dive style, and your potential pick for your next timepiece.