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5 Tips to increase the lifetime of your watch

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We at Watch & Bullion simply love mechanical watches. However, in order to get as much as possible out of our mechanical companions there are a few things you should take into account.


Setting the Date

 Most modern mechanical watches have a quickset function for the date. While handy tool it requires special attention for safe operation. Between 10 PM and 2 AM the date change is operating. In this time frame do not use the quickset date function because it can lead to damage to the internals of the watch. To avoid this move the hour hand until the date changes naturally, after which the quickset function is safe to operate again.


Screwing in the crown

This is probably not the first time you have come across this piece of advice, but its importance can not be stressed enough. Not properly screwing down the crown of your watch exposes your movement directly and is a sure way to risk major damage to your timepiece.




Regular service

 A good watch is like a car in many aspects. One of them is that regular service is essential to the mechanics inside. The gears inside a watch rely on lubrication which, with time, evaporate. Failure to do so will cause severe damage to the watch which will cost significantly more than a service. As a rule of thumb have send your watch in every three to four years.



Wash your watch with fresh water

 If you like me love the sea then salt water is an inevitably for your loyal timepiece. While direct contact with salt water does not pose any risk, you should be careful not to let it dry. A quick clean in fresh water suffices to prevent salt from nestling into the nooks and cracks of your watch.



Avoid certain activities

 As ironic as certain sponsoring may make it seem, sports involving strong impacts are strongly should be avoided at all costs. Tennis or golf for example are a fast track to the watchmaker.



We hope these tips will be helpful for you, wear your watch in good health!