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5 of the Best Seiko Open Heart Watches

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Despite the rise of digital watches, there’s still something o-so magical about an automatic watch movement. The myriad of parts moving in harmony to keep track of time is wondrous, and with an open heart watch, you get to see the magic unfold for yourself. 

In this article, we’ve pulled out five of our favourite Seiko open heart watches. We’ll showcase each watch’s high-quality build, great design, and affordable price so you can get your hands on a Seiko open heart watch that’s perfect for you!

Let’s get into it.

What is a Seiko Open Heart Watch? What Makes Them So Great?

Before we jump into the watches themselves, we’d thought we’d just clear up what an open heart watch is as, especially if you’re new to watches, the phrase may be unfamiliar. 

An open heart watch is actually very simple. An open heart watch has a small window in the dial so that the wearer can see part of the movement inside, typically the balance wheel. As the balance wheel is the part that ‘beats’ back and forth, it’s often seen as the heart of the watch, hence the term open heart. 

Seiko open heart

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The watch type is super popular with watch enthusiasts as they get to catch a glimpse of the movement without compromising the overall watch design. 

#1 – Seiko Automatic Silver Open Heart Dial Men’s Watch SSA231

Our first pick in our lineup of favorite Seiko open heart watches is the silver SSA231 model. This watch balances off excellent design, lots of functionality, and dress-watch stylings in an affordable package, what’s not to like? 

At 41mm, it’s a good size for most wrists, with the silver case blending nicely into the brown leather strap. On the dial, you’ve got a clean white face with black Roman numerals and electric blue dauphine hands. 

Seiko Automatic Silver Open Heart Dial Men's Watch SSA231

The open heart is found at 9 o’clock (as most open hearts are) and is accompanied by a date wheel to add extra functionality. The package is rounded off by some nice extra features such as a Hardlex crystal, 50m water resistance, and an impressive 4R39A Seiko movement. 

All of this comes together in a bargain $199 package. At that price, it’s hard to argue with this watch as a fantastic, entry-level Seiko open heart watch.

#2 – Seiko Presage Automatic White Dial Men’s Watch SSA412J1

While this next watch is billed as a men’s watch, we think this is one for the ladies that like an open heart design too. The SSA412J1 is a very stylish, understated dress watch that’ll look great on any wrist. 

At 38.3mm, it’s a relatively small piece that combines silver and rose gold in a two-tone design style. If you’re a fan of rose gold, you’ll love this piece, with the rose gold extending onto the dial’s markings and hands, matched against a clean white face. 

Seiko Open heart Presage Automatic White Dial Men's Watch SSA412J1

The open heart is a little smaller on this watch but still gives a great insight into the movement. With this watch, you get a premium-grade sapphire crystal, with watch owners loving the two-tone bracelet’s feel on the wrist. 

If you like the look of this piece, it retails at around $400. For that price, you’re getting a very fancy dress watch that’s great for men and ladies alike, especially if they’re a rose gold fan! 

Next, we come onto the first of three Seiko Presage watches in this roundup, starting with the SSA785J1 model, the Blue Moon Open Heart. Anyone familiar with the Cocktail Time range will know just how beautiful the watches are, so you’re in for a treat with this one.

The 41mm piece is an excellent size for a men’s dress watch, combining a highly brushed silver case with a deep blue calfskin strap. The dial color matches the strap, with the slight patterning on the face creating lovely effects in the daylight.

The open heart compliments the silver design style well, with the silver and gold hands matching the open heart nicely to align the colors. A high-quality 4R38 movement drives the whole thing, with a Hardlex crystal, 50m of water resistance, and logo-encrusted crown rounding off a lovely piece. 

If you like what you see from the SSA785J1, you can get your hands on one for around $405. The Cocktail Time range is one of the best at the sub-$500 price point, and this model is no exception, so it’s an easy recommendation from us.

For those that like something a little more sporty, the SARY051 will be right up your street. The stainless steel case and bracelet combine perfectly to create a classic sports watch look and feel while still keeping the luxury of the open heart.  

The dial matches perfectly into the case and the bracelet with a slightly cream-colored twinge, with the silver markings and darker hands coming together well. This is definitely a piece for those that like simplicity and conventional, clean style. 

The 41mm piece also combines some premium features with the powerful 4R38 movement inside the case, a sapphire crystal on the outside, and a waterproofing rating of 100m. All of this comes together at a price of $430, which is a good price to pay for a sleek and sporty open heart Seiko. 

Our last pick for this roundup throws it back to the 60s with the retro style SSA423J1. This is the most premium of the watches we’ve covered and the last of our Seiko Presage picks in this roundup.

The 40mm piece is a great size for those with large and small wrists, with the combination of the cream dial, black bezel, and silver bracelet delivering that retro look and feel. Like our first pick, the open heart is matched alongside a second window, this time a 12/24 hour indicator, with the open heart itself framed on a yellow backdrop. 

Specs-wise, you’ll get a beefy 4R39 movement, Hardlex crystal, LumiBrite on all hands and markings, and 50m water resistance. The watch also features a bezel around the outside, but it doesn’t rotate, so it’s just used to keep track of minutes. 

While this watch usually retails for around $480, there are often deals to be had around the $430 mark. That’s a bargain for the most premium of our Seiko open heart watches, and one we’d definitely recommend if you like the 60s retro style!


There’s nothing quite like an automatic watch movement, so take the time to enjoy it with an open heart watch. While many may think the open heart models need to be pricey, thanks to great brands like Seiko, many affordable models are out there. 

We’ve just scratched the surface today, so be sure to shop around until you find the Seiko open heart watch that’s perfect for you!