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Why I love watches

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Looking back I find it difficult to pinpoint what triggered my passion for watches, and in the end it was probably more of an accumulation of factors rather than any individual one. However no hobby has managed to grasp my attention and spark such passion than that of horology, for four years counting.

From a rational perspective, it is difficult to justify the existence of mechanical watches in today’s society. Everyone knows that a simple quartz piece will easily outperform its mechanical elders, but rationality has always been a fire extinguisher for the flame of passion.

If anything I believe that the absence of rationality has strengthened this industry. Once we no longer have to hide in the shadows of rationality, we can aim to satisfy the fantasies of enthusiasts, and experience something closer to freedom.

In a time where the first thing we look for in hotel rooms are wall plugs, and loading cables feel like leashes, the independence of watches feels like a refreshing slice of lemon in the jug of life. There are no apps, no Wi-Fi, and no cloud, and while some think this can be a limiting factor over smart-watches, I think it’s its strongest.

Now I don’t want to deny the perks technology has granted us, and that is not what this is about, but even though I am a 90’s kid I already ache for simpler times. An ache sweetened by a sense of nostalgia, mechanical watches are your ticket to daydream: back into a time where you weren’t bombarded with notifications when you check the time.

The factor which allows these relics of the past to stay popular in the contemporary world compared to other collectibles, is due to the fact that watches have become art. The lack of jewellery available to men has turned watches into a tool not only to express time but also to express yourself.

Unfortunately it is difficult to find people in my age group interested in horology beyond the bling, and so I consider myself all the more lucky to have met Jordan by chance on a stroll through Gibraltar.

Jordan has continuously encouraged me to aim high and has motivated me to work hard, and I couldn’t have hoped for someone more supportive. I am both excited and honoured to join the team as Editor-in-chief, and look forward to the challenges and opportunities ahead.